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Source Metals
6951 West Little York
Houston, TX 77040

Source Metals is a proven supplier of the highest quality Laser, Multi-torch Flame, Conventional Plasma, Hy-definition Plasma, and Waterjet cut parts. From -1- piece orders to 1000's on a production run, SMI has built its business through service and quality to its customers.


Plant - 60,000 sq ft plant with over 3 MILLION POUNDS OF PLATE & SHEET IN STOCK

Materials - carbon steel, alloy, stainless, aluminum, hi-temps, brass, bronze, copper

Multi-Torch Flame - processing from 3/16" to 18" thick, by (4) CNC controlled multi-torch flame machines for carbon and alloy components

Conventional Plasma - processing from 3/16" to 4" thick, by (2) CNC controlled conventional plasma cutting machines for stainless and aluminum parts

Hy-Definition Plasma - processing from 20 Ga sheet thru 1/2" thick plate, by (3) CNC controlled hy-definition plasma machines, offers near-laser quality at a fraction of the cost

Waterjet - processing from shimstock thru 8" thick plate by a CNC controlled Twin head 50 hp state-of-the-art waterjet, close tolerance/high quality

Laser - processing from 26 Ga carbon stainless and aluminum thru 1" thick, from (3) CNC controlled, auto-load / unload machines.

Ph: (713) 466-7310
Fx: (713) 896-0289
Toll Free: 800-324-7310