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Clow Stamping Co.
23103 County Road 3
Merrifield, MN 56465
Ph: (218) 765-3111
Fx: (218) 765-3904

Clow Stamping Co. provides the highest quality short to medium run stampings. Plus, in-house assemblies and secondary machining. From 100 to 100,000 pieces, Clow has built its company on a reputation of quality and dependability. If you want it on time and right the first time, Clow is your stamping house.

Plant - 184,000 sq ft facility housing some of the most advanced technology available
Prototyping - Laser prototyping capable of turning new projects fast, conducting small runs efficiently and producing laser-only parts without risking product quality
Tooling - advanced cnc equipment to produce efficient, cost effective, high quality tooling...quickly!
Pressing - punch pressing capacities from 45 to 400 tons, up to 250 ton hydraulic press brakes & power shears
Welding - Spot Welding from 5 KVA to 200 KVA/CNC Robotic Weld Assemblies
Machining - CNC Turning / Milling
Quality Control - trained operators follow IPIP (In Process Inspection Procedures) plan to inspect parts & gather statistical data, ISO 9001